Web Design

We develop any kind of internet portal. No matter how complex or their needs; we examine it, we budget and if the client agrees, we do it.

Hi-Speed Connections

Telematic best and cheapest connections are in the US, since they were invented here. We offer connectivity and USA destinations worldwide.

Technology Law, Oblivion

Legal advice and legal defense in computer law. European law to oblivion and rights related to Habeas Data, personal data protection and intellectual property.

Development of Virtual Stores

We realize from a basic online store to complex projects billion. Just please ask us, we will make it happen and with the latest technology.

Electronic Payments

Thanks to our presence and connections in various countries around the world, we get the best benefits for local or multinational business.


The convergence of enterprise communications voice, data and video on a single network is an unstoppable trend: saving, simplification, unification and mobility.

Multimedia Technologies

Since connecting a simple projector to place and set a mosaic of screens, driving a laser on a wall or ceiling to schedule a giant VidiWall.


Tell us what product you have and how much budget we gave up where we make it known through our media or media employed third.

Multimedia Presentations

We specialize in developing multimedia presentations and with the maximum guarantee that the recipient will be able to understand and assimilate the information.

Computer Security and Forensics

From the simple installation of an antivirus scanner to the most complex of fingerprints and retinas. The latest technology in forensic and ethical hacking.

International Logistics

By implementing logistics strategy, it will result in lower costs and rising sales at globally through inventory control and timing.

Spanish, Russian and English translators

We have on our team marketing professionals onto those languages who can help you to reformulate your business ideas to Spanish or Russian.